Tuesday, 9 February 2010

emperor's new clothes...

i fucking hate pretention...its a malaise that affects the stupid and unimaginative...sheep basically...so the phrase emperor's new clothes gets a regualr workout from me...but to take it further i analgised it when discussing Bayonetta in the context of emperor's new clothes:

"its like a 15 year old lad drinking lager for the first time...it really tastes all bitter and horrible and he really wishes he had a nice Barcardi Breezer instead...but all his mates are drinking lager so he perserveres...the truth is, all his mates are wishing they were drinking a Barcardi Breezer too!"

wouldn't it be nice if everyone 'fessed up and drank what they really liked instead of what they think they should like?

more time?

slim picking this last week...but I managed one fairly disgusting one when discussing what to do in the event of more time being found:

"it's like we've got a massive mouthful of food, we're furiously chomping away as fast as we can but there's half-chewed food dribbling down our chin while large lumps of food are falling out and making a mess of our t-shirt...we should really try and finish our mouth before we take another bite surely?"